Facts About Anglican Communion

Anglican Communion was started by King Henry VIII after the slip of Roman Catholic in 1534. The church incorporated Catholicism and Protestantism with the aim of having flexible operations to the believers. The Catholicism in the Anglican Church is through sacraments and bishops while Protestantism is through a decentralized structure of church leadership. There has been a continuous increase in the number of Anglican followers due to the ability to deal with issues in the community. Anglican Communion has been able to effectively operate in different countries to accomplish an increased number of believers. The following are facts about Anglican Communion which makes it unique to other churches.


Anglican Communion operates in over 164 countries


The Anglican Communion has been able to acquire an increased number of followers through its quality teaching to the community. Anglican Churches are available in over 164 nations and have over 80 million members. The belief and worship of the church aim at ensuring an increased number of people willing to use the church. It is a historical church as it was founded long ago and has spread to over 164 countries globally.


Church structures

Anglican Communion church structure aims at reducing cases of conflict while governing operations of the church. It is essential for the leaders to consider the needs of the community and church members in the decision-making process. Continuous evaluation of the church leadership makes it possible to strengthen the church for a smooth flow of operations. Anglican Communion focuses on decentralized leadership to reduce the time used in coming up with a crucial decision affecting the church. The reduced leadership ranks are meant to increase service to the people.


Combine Catholic and Protestant faith


The combination is meant to reduce division in the church by satisfying the different needs of members. Anglican Communion evolved from Catholic but integrated protestant faiths to increase the number of people willing to become members. The combinations of the two faiths make it possible to run operations of Anglican Communion in different countries smoothly.


Book of Common Prayer


The church has a nook of Common Prayer that is used to provide coordination of operations in the church. By adapting to some Roman Catholic beliefs, Anglican Communion translated the Book of Common Prayer from Latin. The prayer book is used all over the world as it is now translated into different language considering the members’ linguistics.

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Most members are from Africa and England


The Anglican Communion started in England although it spread fast in Africa. There has been an increase in the number of members of Anglican Communion in Africa. The church has been widely accepted in the region with many countries having Anglican churches. The largest areas with Anglican Communion members are England with 26 million, Nigeria 17.5 million, Uganda 8 million, Sudan 5 million and Kenya 2.5 million.


Division on gay marriage


The Anglican Communion has not developed a policy to govern gay marriage. Some churches accept gay marriage while others oppose gay marriages. Some churches in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia ordain gay marriages. Most churches from Africa, West Indies and Asia oppose homosexuality. However, the decentralized leadership provides a church with an opportunity to make a decision to oppose or agree with homosexuality.